Movie Film Transfer

We can transfer your old Regular 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm Movie film using the latest and most advanced film scan transfer methods available today with no loss of light intensity, sharpness or geometry from less precise methods.

We use the very best in transfer equipment.  We have done film transfers for some of the local Kansas City TV Stations as well as personal film transfers for many local Kansas City TV Anchors and even some of our local TV anchors parents. We have even transferred film for movie producers.  This is our specialty and our quality will not be beaten.  Guaranteed!

Your film will be professionally scanned and the results will be breathtaking. Some of our competitors say that they scan their film but in fact they just shoot it up on a white wall with a video camera.  You can do that yourself at home.  We transfer your film to our computerized non-linear editing system using a patented film scanning process which gives you the very best of quality that is only offered by Gibbons Video Productions and other film transfer companies on the East and West coast.  We then go through your film and clean it up on a frame by frame basis.  This is the kind of care you can expect Gibbons Video Productions to take with your project.  In other words we treat it like our own.

We’ve been transferring film since 1980. Give us a call today so we can get your film preserved onto DVD and/or computer video (Quicktime) files  and you will never have to worry about frame fading or deterioration.  If we convert your film  into a video file you will then be able to run it through your own editing system and  create your own production.  Some clients just like to keep their raw un-edited film transfer (Quicktime) files on their computer for safe keeping.  Just tell us what you want.